Evolight S & Evolight S Mineral

Reoxthene Membrane - General Construction

Evolight S and Evolight S Mineral are plastomeric waterproofing membranes with outstanding performance. Made from latest generation Reoxthene ultralight technology distilled bitumen compound and polyester non-woven fabric carrier reinforced with glass-fibre threads. This membrane can be used in waterproofing all civil and industrial constructions (traditional, pre-fabricated and metallic).


Bitumen-Modified Membrane

Polyvent is a bitumen-modified membrane with polypropylene and glass-fibre reinforcement. It is used as a first layer for the application of waterproofing membranes on moderate sloping roofs subject to vapour and movement. Using Polyvent allows the substrate membrane to breathe and prevents it from lifting.

Elastobond S6 and Elastobond S6 Mineral

SBS Membrane

Elastobond S6 and Elastobond S6 Mineral are elastomeric SBS waterproofing membranes with outstanding performance. They are made of a latest generation bitumen-based compound and thermoplastic elastomeric resin (SBS) reinforced with a high quality polyester carrier and stabilised with glass fibre threads. These membranes have excellent mechanical characteristics including elongation, tensile strength, resistance to puncture and dimensional stability. Elastobond S6 and S6 Mineral are rotproof and they have excellent adhesion to the support surface and between layers. Their exceptional elasticity suit the waterproofing of structures subject to cyclical movement.

Plana P and Plana P Mineral

APP membrane

Plana P and Plana P Mineral are plastomeric waterproofing membranes with outstanding performance. They are made from a bitumen-based compound modified with polypropylene and has non-woven polyester fabric reinforcement. The upperside of Plana P is covered with talc, sand or a non-woven polyproplyene fabric, while Plana P Mineral is protected by an even layer of mineral slate chips. These membranes are suitable for the waterproofing of traditional, metal, pre-fabricated civil and industrial structures.

Antiradice P Light

Ultralight Reoxthene Membrane with Root Inhibitor

Antiradice Light is a plastomeric waterproofing membrane with excellent performance suitable for use as a barrier against puncture by plant roots. It is made from a bitumen-based compound, ultralight Reoxthene technology with polyester and reinforced with glass fibre threads. The compound has been enriched with a product that poses a chemical barrier against the membrane's puncture by roots, to ensure an impermeable seal.

Spider P & Spider P Mineral

APP membrane

Spider P is a high quality, self-adhesive bitumen membrane using Adeso® technology, the new compound laminating system developed by Polyglass. Spider P is made from a plastomeric compound (APP) reinforced with a polyester staple-fibre non-woven carrier that is strengthened and stabilised with glass strands. Spider P is protected by a polyethylene film on its upper side with an adhesive underside protected by a mono-silicone coated polyethylene film.

This polyester carrier gives the membrane excellent stability, mechanical performance and it has excellent adhesion.

Spider P is suitable for use on thermal insulations such as polyurethane, polystyrene and wooden roofs. Bitumen roof coverings can be applied over the top.

Polystick TU Plus

Self-Adhesive Membrane

Polystick TU Plus is a high quality, self-adhesive bitumen membrane made using Adeso® technology, the new compound layering system developed by Polyglass.

It is reinforced with a fibreglass mat carrier which gives it excellent mechanical properties. This product has high temperature resistance and strong membrane adhesion.

Polystick TU Plus can be used as a non-slip waterproof layer under tiles; as a covering on tubes, skylights and chimneys; as well as application on rain pipes and ridges.

Polyprimer HP 45

Primer for all bitumen sheet membranes

Polyprimer HP 45 is a bituminous primer containing oxidised bitumen and select fast-drying solvents.

It is applied to such surfaces as concrete, wood, metal.

Mapeplan® TM

Roofing and Waterproofing Synthetic Membrane

Mapeplan® TM is a synthetic roofing waterproofing membrane in flexible polyolefin TPO/FPO and reinforced with polyester net.

It is suitable for exposed roof installations and for mechanical fixing. It is resistant to UV rays and may be exposed to all weather conditions.

Mapeplan® T WT

Waterproofing Synthetic Membrane for Hydraulic Works

Mapeplan® T WT is a synthetic waterproofing membrane in flexible polyolefin TPO/FPO reinforced with a glass mat.

It is suitable for waterproofing tanks, reservoirs, basins, cisterns and canals. It is resistant to UV rays and may be exposed to all weather conditions.

Evolight HP and Evolight HP Mineral

Reoxthene Membrane - Civil Construction

Evolight HP and Evolight HP Mineral are extremely high performance waterproof plastomeric membranes made from Reoxthene ultralight technology modified bitumen compound and polyester non-woven fabric carrier. Their high mechanical properties make these membranes suited to the most severe working conditions. They can be used to waterproof all residential and industrial constructions, under road binders, bridges and viaducts, light or heavy vehicle carriageable surfaces.

Polyfond Kit Drain

Stud Membrane for Drainage

Polyfond is a stud membrane made from High Density Extruded Polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene which provides excellent rainwater drainage capacity. It is ideal for use during foundation backfilling work as it protects the waterproofing membrane and provides it with drainage.


There are also general accessories available for order including perimeter profile, termination strip profile, multicollar, gravel guard round 75-200mm, propane torch, leister welding torch, silicone roller, pressure roller, polytape. There are also accessories available for TPO systems including strip profile, external corner 95mm and internal corner 95mm.


Solvent-Based Elastomeric Sealant

Polyseal is a solvent-based elastomeric bituminous sealant for edges, pipe penetrations, anchor points, termination bars and for sealing details in waterproof layers with bitumen polymer membranes.


Liquid Bituminous Membrane

Idroplast is a liquid bituminous elastomeric water-based membrane which is made from a combination of synthetic resins and special bitumen with mineral filler. Once dry, Idroplast shows good elasticity and adhesion to the support. Idroplast is watertight and the surfaces treated have high resistance to the weather conditions. It is used where normal application of bituminous polymer membranes is difficult including complex roofing structures, renovation of damaged roofing and concrete flower boxes.

Mapeplan PVC: B

Synthetic Roofing Membrane

Mapleplan B is a synthetic roofing waterproofing membrane in PVC-P produced in one multiextrusion coating process, with high quality raw materials reinforced with glass mat. It is resistant to microbiological attacks and root-resistant. It is suitable for ballasted utility decks (pedestrian-parking) and roof garden systems.

Polybase APP

Polyester Fleece Membrane

Polybase APP is a polyester bituminous felt for multi-layer systems which works as a vapour controller or separation layer. Polybase APP is a polyester-based polymer modified membrane composed by a glass fibre-reinforcement bituminous felt bonded to a non-woven polyester fleece. It is suitable for use in roofs or renovation projects such as timber decks, metal decks, concrete roofs and surfaces insulated with roof-boards.