Hyperstop DB series

Hydrophilic bentonite waterstop for in-situ concrete construction joints.

A flexible clay waterproofing compound that swells upon contact with water to form a long-lasting compression seal in non-moving concrete joints.

Hyperseal DP series

Hydrophilic rubber waterstop for low movement construction joints

Hyperseal DP is a hydrophilic waterstop which can be applied against existing concrete and can be simply installed by nailing or using a hydrophilic adhesive. In contact with water, hydrophilic strips react and swell by up to 300% of their original dimensions to form a compression seal.

Hyperseal DP-3030 EJ series

Hydrophilic rubber waterstop for expansion joints

Hyperseal DP-3030 is a hydrophilic rubber waterstop with an embedded stainless steel wire mesh. Hyperseal DP-3030N has high tensile and compressive strength and is designed to be used in expansion joints. It is an excellent waterstop for use on shear movement joints.

Hyperseal BR series

Hydrophilic Butyl Rubber for in-situ concrete

Hyperseal BR is a high performance, hydrophilic butyl rubber waterstop, which swells to form a long-lasting water-tight compression seal. The swelling action is the result between water and hydrophilic groups which are part of the Hyperseal BR molecular structure.

Hyperseal D & DX series

PVC waterstop profiles with or without hydrophilic rubber, for concrete construction joints or expansion joints.

Hyperseal D Series waterstops have been specially designed to provide significant advantage over co-extruded hydrophilic waterstops. This new system enables the PVC waterstop to be fixed on-site in the usual way and provides the additional benefit of exposing two hydrophilic elements by removing the security tape just before the concrete in poured, thus avoiding the common problem of hydrophilic pre-swell on site.

Hyperseal XSeal

Single component hydrophilic mastic

Hyperseal XSeal is a single component, solvent free, hydrophilic mastic which is used for sealing smooth and rough construction joints and pipe penetrations. It is suitable for sealing of joints of in-situ cast concrete. It's also used to seal joints between precast segments, manholes, box culverts, cable ducts, penetrations and cold joints below the water table.