Waterproofing Your New Basement


Why Use ‘KIM’ admixture?


Trying to decide which type of waterproofing to use for your next new basement project?


The selection you make on ‘waterproofing your basement’ will have a lasting effect, and needs careful consideration as you only have one opportunity to get it right! 


Some companies offer options in the way of bentonite or synthetic sheet membranes. The traditional membrane is installed prior to the placement of steel and concrete, and is a time consuming exercise. This also leaves the membrane exposed to inclement weather and damage from other trades. Be aware that some of these sheet membranes are cheap, low quality imports from China or India which are unreliable.


Generally speaking a sheet membrane turns your basement into a ‘bucket’ to prevent the ingress of water, but what if this bucket is not formed properly or is incomplete?


Our integral crystalline waterproofing technology consisting of Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) concrete admixture has the advantage of being a self-sealing system that transforms concrete into a powerful waterproof barrier, providing a number of key benefits over blindside sheet systems:

1. Self-seals hairline cracks minimum 0.5mm (tested to 0.6mm)

2. Leading project specific warranty period of Twenty Five (25) years

3. Effective against hydrostatic pressure – (140m) of head pressure

4. Lower the cost of waterproofing by up to 40% – i.e. no need for blinding slabs

5. Shave weeks off the construction schedule – no waiting time on installation

6. Reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs

7. Easy to apply and reduces potential for human error

8. Impervious to physical damage and deterioration – protects the concrete on all surfaces

9. Certified non-toxic and safe for potable water – NSF approved


Using KIM concrete admixture works where other systems fail to eliminate leaks and water damage, as the diagram shows below that KIM will protect your concrete in its entirety. 

            Basement Slabs Comparison Diagram   


Depending on your type of basement construction, Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) can be configured to suit most construction methods.


Basement Slab Diagram 2


 Basement Slab Diagram 3    


For further information and specifications on using Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) for your next basement, please contact us on 02 9524 6688 or