Hyperseal Waterstops

1: Which waterstop is best for my situation?

A: Ultimately there are number of factors to determine which waterstop to use, but there are definitely some main points to consider. i.e. is it a fresh-water or salt-water environment? Will the joint experience any movement? Is it a below-ground or above-ground location? Then simply cross-reference your answers with the products to determine the best option.

2: What will happen if my hydrophilic waterstop gets wet before pouring concrete?

A: Depending on the amount of moisture and site conditions, the waterstop should survive 2-7 days, although if completely immersed the product is more likely to swell and become defective sooner. Signs of spoilt product are discolouration, increased size, or cracking along the waterstop. Another important factor is not to have the waterstop product exposed to direct sunlight, as severe dehydration will cause cracking, leaving a defective waterstop.

3: Can I waterproof over existing bitumen membrane?

A: Yes, providing the bitumen membrane is sound. KGM500 is an epoxy primer which can be used to seal off the existing bitumen material, please contact your stockist for further details on this process.

4: Can I tile over a polyurethane membrane?

A: The safest answer would be no. It is not the best scenario to tile directly over polyurethane, as the rubbery membrane finish can reduce adhesion. In some instances, you can sand-seed the wet membrane with clean broadcast sand to produce a rough surface, but our suggestion would be to avoid using polyurethane when direct stick tiling. As an alternative, our KGM200 latex membrane is great for direct stick tiles, and is compatible with flexible powdered glues that conform with Australian Standards.

5: Can polyurethane membrane be applied as a single coat application?

A: Although polyurethane can be applied thickly, we recommend implementing minimum of two coats to ensure no areas are missed, no pinholes are formed, and thinner coats will allow the membrane to cure more evenly. Only a skilled applicator should attempt single coat applications.

6: What warranty is available on your waterproof membranes?

A: There is a standard 10 year warranty on all products, with the possibility of project specific warranties extended to 20 years. Any warranty requirement over 10 years will need to be discussed and confirmed in writing prior to the job starting.

7. Are joint waterstops environmentally friendly?

Hyperstop DB, Hyperseal BR, Hyperseal DP and Hyperseal D series are non-toxic, have zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and are safe for potable water.